Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Left Mindblown by Wrexham FC’s Surprise Win

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Left Mindblown by Wrexham FC’s Surprise Win

A saying as old as time goes that football is a beautiful game. However, it has proved to be a health hazard for owners of the Wrexham FC club, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, as they tuned in to watch their team’s latest match with Aldershot Town. The FA club loss against Sheffield United was forgotten as Wrexham scored a match-changing goal in the 96th minute. And the miracle of it did not escape the owners, as each of them displayed bewildered reactions.

Ever since Ryan Reynolds has taken over the club alongside his friend and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor, they have made sure that it’s always sunny in Wrexham FC. However, as the club’s latest match threw away every prediction, Reynolds and McElhenney had the most hilarious reactions to their team’s win.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have hilarious reactions to Wrexham’s win

Both the owners ever since they purchased the club have evidently lifted it, made the club and its fans believe in its shining potential. Apart from the hefty 2 million dollars investment that the two have made, Reynolds and McElhenney make sure to cheer their team on despite the losses. Although the Welsh club lost the FA club, its owners were far from grumpy about it. This proved to be a motivating factor for the team, as Sam Dalby scored the winning goal. McElhenney tweeted, “I very may well die of a cardiac event this season. Football is magic/hell,”.

Reynolds, too, found himself at a loss for words and need for drinks as he wrote, “Really testing the limits of appropriate drinking hours. Dear god, Wrexham AFC.

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The owners mirrored the sentiments of Wrexham fans as they sat brooding over the slump that the team had found itself in halfway through as Aldershot Town put up a tough fight. Thankfully for Wrexham FC, their substitute player proved to be lucky. But is it enough for the Welsh team to top the League?

Will Wrexham top the National League?

The win against Aldershot has done Wrexham FC the much needed good it needed to become a leading team in the National League, as reported by Mirror. After their defeat in the FA Club, the owners made it clear that the National League success is what they are aiming for.

However, in order to win the title, Wrexham FC has found its competition in Notts County. The team, much like Wrexham FC, has been in splendid shape. This sets up Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney for another health hazard as owners.

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