Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Earned Themselves Honorary Chairs of the 2023 GGPAA Gala National Committee

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Earned Themselves Honorary Chairs of the 2023 GGPAA Gala National Committee

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively may not have worked together in many movies but have individually accounted for years of monumental cinema experiences. The most notable being Blake Lively’s work in Gossip Girl. A series whose characters, tropes, and costumes, down to the lines, still have a chokehold grip on pop culture. Similarly, Reynolds, the actor, became the tried and tested popular high school jock in every 90s romantic comedy.

Despite the numerous years in the industry, the couple has managed to pack in a surprise with each project they take on. Ryan Reynolds, with Deadpool, broke records of both Marvel and his own. While the actor earned himself a People’s Icon award last year, the two have now gained honorary seats at the most prestigious galas in Canada.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to be honored by Canada

Reynolds has risen to the standards of an American heartthrob through years of work in Hollywood. However, the actor misses no chance of mentioning that his roots lie in Canada. Therefore, one can assume that he must be over the roof to hear that The Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards are saving up honorary chairs for him and his wife, as reported by Vancouver is Awesome.

Although his dark sense of humor mostly steals the show, many miss out on the Canadian-esque politeness that Reynolds displays. The GGPAA is one of the most anticipated and prestigious awards in Canada as it celebrates the dedication of those who contributed towards art in the country and around the globe. Just like how Reynolds is contributing with not only his acting ventures but his production house Maximum Effort is also helping to build a monumental studio facility in Ontario.

Not the first time that Reynolds will be honored by his home country

The Deadpool actor received the National Arts Center Award laureate in 2021. This year, the actor has already received a pat on the back from the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television for his philanthropic works. However, his attendance at The Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards will remain in the realm of an honorary guest.

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The award ceremony is to be held on May 27. If both Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds decide to attend, it will also be their first award show appearance since welcoming their fourth child.

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