Ryan Gosling Takes Time off as Ken to Relax With Family in Australia

Ryan Gosling Takes Time off as Ken to Relax With Family in Australia

It gets quite difficult to point out the peak of Ryan Gosling’s career despite the actor actively working in the industry for over three decades. But perhaps the absolute frenzy that fans found themselves in after seeing only second-long glimpses and paparazzi images of Ryan Gosling dressed as Ken comes close. Gosling, who made independent movies his niche during his early years, slowly and steadily moved to be a blockbuster movie star. And the Greta Gerwig Barbie movie already compelling fans to buy the movie tickets is a testament to his stardom, and so is Scenic World’s latest Instagram post.

Ever since pictures of him as Ken went viral, questions pleading for a little more depth about his character have followed the actor. And Gosling too has not shied away from fueling the hype. From naming it as his ultimate role and even inventing the term, Ken Life, Gosling, an actor nominated for the Oscars for several of his performances, has never seemed so enthralled to be playing a character. But now on the heels of his shoot for The Fall Guy, the actor seems to have had quality time with his family in Australia.

Away from the madness, Ryan Gosling in Australia

As much as he loves to gossip about his own character with fans and in media interviews, Gosling has taken some time away. In light of the majority of the world losing it over his Ken doll dress-up, Gosling, along with his Place Beyond the Pines co-star and wife, is spending some quiet time in Australia. He visited Scenic World at Katoomba, where he and his wife showed much interest in the local flaura and fauna, as reported by Daily Mail.

The official Instagram page of the tourist attraction even put up a post about the gracious company Gosling and his family were during their visit. “Ryan actually left with one of our team members’ hats as a souvenir, so he’d be ready to start. They will always be welcome back here,” read the caption of the post. Looks like Gosling is packing in a good peaceful time at the scenic world with his family before the press tour kicks in for the sensation Barbie movie.

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However, that is not all that has brought Gosling to Australia for.

The Fall Guy causes uproar among Sydneysiders

Previous to his scenic trip, Gosling was shooting for his action-packed in Fall Guy. Clips of him doing some badass stunts in Sydney went viral on the Internet. The shoot also resulted in controlled traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge the previous week between 3AM and 10AM, causing many locals to express their outrage on Twitter.

What do you think about Gosling’s latest visit to the Scenic World? Are you excited to see him as Ken later this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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