Ryan Gosling as Johnny Blaze in Fan Concept Art Is Jaw-Dropping; Does This Mean He Is Now Marvel’s Ghost Rider?

Ryan Gosling as Johnny Blaze in Fan Concept Art Is Jaw-Dropping; Does This Mean He Is Now Marvel’s Ghost Rider?

Almost every A-list actor today has made an entry into the comic book world. Christian Bale recently entered the MCU, and Dwyane Johnson was lured into DC. However, only one has still avoided the temptation of wearing a cape and saving the world. Ryan Gosling has yet to play a superhero, but things might change in the future. 

The actor has previously expressed his interest in playing Ghost Rider. And recent fan art has fans convinced that he would be a perfect choice.

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Ryan Gosling dons the suit in the new fan art 

Ghost Rider is yet to get introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are rumors that the company is currently deliberating a Ghost Rider movie after the last Nicholas Cage-led films. Nothing is confirmed yet, however during the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Ryan Gosling expressed his interest in portraying Johnny Blaze onscreen. Now fan art envisioned the actor in the classic leather jacket and flaming skull. 

The concept is extremely well done and looks like actual promotional content. Moreover, the concept art does make a strong argument in favor of casting Gosling in the role. After the La La Land actor expressed his enthusiasm for the role and the character, Kevin Feige responded that he would not mind finding something for Ryan. Without any doubt, the 2 times Academy award nominee can surely do justice to the role. 

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However, interestingly, although nothing is confirmed the rumor mill is buzzing that Marvel has already signed the actor. But instead of Johnny Blaze, they have cast him for Richard Rider aka Nova.

Marvel is notorious for keeping things under wrap until the very end. But it would be a win for the fans if things pan out well. Gosling will come back to the screens again next year in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie alongside Margot Robbie. He recently starred in Netflix’s The Gray Man.

Do you want to see him as Johnny Blaze?

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