Royal Family Scared? Buckingham Palace Asks For A Copy Of Prince Harry’s Interview Amidst Bombshell Revelations

Royal Family Scared? Buckingham Palace Asks For A Copy Of Prince Harry’s Interview Amidst Bombshell Revelations

It is no more unclassified a fact that Buckingham Palace heavily scrutinizes its members. No matter how trivial a matter is, the UK Sovereigns always enjoy an upper hand in everything surrounding their family, especially Prince Harry and Meghan. The power vested in their hands allows them to preside over strict media rules and policies. However, not every time does the Royal Family manage to assert its dominance over territories beyond its control. Although they enjoy special ties with the PR, some news agencies stick to their ethics regardless of whom they are dealing with. 

Moreover, the ones allied to Prince Harry are, as a matter of course, never obliged to satisfy their Palace’s demands. After a highly-anticipated period of drama and speculations, the Duke’s Memoir, Spare is finally reaching readers throughout the World. Amidst the massive revelations made by the Prince himself, this is for the first time a news agency has spoken out the truth before the public.

Buckingham Palace wanted to stop Prince Harry from sitting for the interview

Before the memoir’s release, Harry sat for two most explosive interviews with CBS’s 60 Minutes and ABC’ Good Morning America. As he unleashed on his family, the palace tried to get an early look at one of them. Meghan Markle’s long-standing friend and an established media personality, Omid Scobie recently revealed how Palace was concerned regarding Prince Harry’s interview. Sources also claim that a legal firm from Buckingham asked both news agencies to share a copy of Prince Harry’s interview right when it was on the air. 

However, both Broadcasters declined the request stating “we do not do…as a matter of our policy”. The request claimed the Palace needed to know the context of what exactly their estranged Prince was about to reveal in the interview. Telegraph claims that Buckingham Palace “raised the prospect” that they were concerned about something specific that Prince Harry might have said. Alas, the Palace Communication was late. 


By the time the request reached the agency, the interview was already on air. Even if it had not been, the US Broadcaster seemed firm on their decision not to compromise Prince Harry and his claims, regardless of the pressure from the Crown. 

Things went all the more south as the Duke successfully completed both interviews. The truth bombs could not have destroyed UK sovereigns more than they already have. Nevertheless, do not forget, the interview was just the trailer for the nuclear attack that the just-released memoir is about to launch. 

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What do you think of the Palace monitoring the Prince’s claims? If they have done nothing wrong, what are they worried about? Give your opinions in the comments below.

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