After Chaos, Prince Harry Now Wants to Reconcile Things With Family, Wants His Father and Brother Back

After Chaos, Prince Harry Now Wants to Reconcile Things With Family, Wants His Father and Brother Back

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been hanging tight with their controversial tell-all projects against the Royal Family. Starting from minor interviews to making an entire Netflix docuseries on The Firm and its way, the Duke and the Duchess are already on the verge of a total fallout from their UK Sovereigns. Relationships between the two parties are already hanging by a thread. Yet the Royal Family is still at mercy of another explosive memoir by one of their own, Spare. 

Promoting the same, Prince Harry sat with Tom Bradbey on ITV as scheduled to shed light on his memoir’s content. Although many might feel this to be a boring repeated soap opera playing on a loop, Prince Harry actually affirmed some statements that he had said never before. Everyone is aware of the magnitude of explosives launched on King Charles and Prince William in the Docuseries.

Prince Harry openly admits to reconciliation with Charles and William

While the future king was termed a bully by his younger brother, King Charles on the other hand was quite accepting of being called a liar. Nevertheless, the Royal Family was not brave enough to broach the allegations made by the Duke. However, ‘bleating’ for reconciliation Prince Harry told ITV that it was never meant to be this way. In fact, “I want my father back, I want my brother back,” he said.

Although the sidelined Prince did not budge from his previous affirmations made in the six-part-docuseries. His allegations were still the same about the leaking and planting of stories against him and his wife, Meghan Markle. In addition to it, he also reiterated how the Palace was happy to lie to protect other members of the family but never cared to speak the truth to him and Markle. Nevertheless, it was just the trailer. 

The official account of ITV, solely dedicated to the Royals of the United Kingdom has not yet released the full interview. However, the trailer made it pretty clear to the viewers that the offensive launched was on none other than Prince William and his family. As it is, the relationship between the two brothers is already hanging by a thread. Insiders fear the memoir might also have an extensive broadside on the Queen-in-waiting Kate Middleton. 

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The full interview is due on January 8th, two days before the memoir release. What is your take on the matter?

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