Royal Expert Weighs on How King Charles III’s Decisions Has Made Prince Harry Feel “completely abandoned”

Royal Expert Weighs on How King Charles III’s Decisions Has Made Prince Harry Feel “completely abandoned”

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, along with the Duchess, Meghan Markle, has been going through a tough time with the remnant of senior Royals at the Palace. Having a dispute with Prince William was much of a big deal. However, the growing tensions between Harry and his father, the Monarch, King Charles III, have become a matter of concern for the sidelined prince.

Reports have it that due to the continuous snubs by his own father, Harry has grown immensely indifferent toward his family. Although not visible to the naked eye, the Duke is far away from all responsibilities of the Monarchy. All he ever wanted to do was protect her wife from the backlash. But it seems it has cost the Prince a bit too much, and yet another royal expert has weighed in on the same.

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Royal experts reckon Prince Harry feels abandoned by his father

According to Daniela Elser, King has reportedly taken up some of Harry’s military responsibilities that have hit the Prince a bit too hard. As a part of the ‘senior royal members,’ Harry served as the Captain General of the Royal Marines. Coming to know that his father has replaced him and has taken up the responsibility himself has devastated the Prince. Being “completely abandoned” by the King has reportedly rubbed Harry the wrong way.

The Prince was well aware of such possible outcomes while withdrawing himself from the palace. However, no amount of preparation can actually prepare us enough to see something so valuable to us being snatched away. Given the current tensions, it is although difficult but not impossible to win back his father’s trust once again. However, he will have to make a tough decision about that.

Experts explain that out of the many ways to offer an olive branch to the Monarch is to call off his upcoming tell-all memoir, Spare. The much media speculation and anticipation around the same left the Royal Palace in a fit of pique. Somewhat of a mild patch can be put on the irreparable damages only if Harry stops his continuous aggravating activities that are calling out the royals in numerous ways.

Do you think Prince Harry will succeed in making amends with the King at this point?

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