‘Rick and Morty’ Immerses Fans Into ‘Wormageddon’ Project, Here’s How You Can Jump In

‘Rick and Morty’ Immerses Fans Into ‘Wormageddon’ Project, Here’s How You Can Jump In

Recently, Rick and Morty and their upcoming bashes have been hot topics for all Netflix subscribers. Season five ended with the citadel destruction with a hint of Evil Morty making a comeback. Surprisingly, as if all this wasn’t enough, American network Adult Swim released back-to-back bombshells for all Rick and Morty fans, hinting at the biggest global hunt possible on planet Earth.

Meanwhile, fans noticed a range of videos that were released in the second week of August. It had strange Rick and Morty statues placed at unknown corners of the world. It’s even expected that this might be a real arc for the show and not just a bluff. Following a specific codename for the entire season, the show has something huge in the store.

Ahead of Rick and Morty season six, Wormageddon threatens planet Earth

Named The Wormageddon series, it is described as an “immersive experience” for the fans. It’s a top-tier global treasure hunt game where the fans have to find 14 scenes that establish the link between season 5 and season 6. So it is all on us fans to bridge the events between the seasons. Fans will have to find out the 14 such links that’ll be hidden in 9 different locations around the world.

According to Adult Swim, the Wormageddon series is described as, “….Between the destruction of the Citadel of Ricks at the end of season five and the beginning of season six, a new threat lands on Earth in the form of a mysterious alien worm that aims to take over the planet.

Fans have already procured and activated the first clue in Mexico City within the first 5 days of the hunt declaration. They expect to see even more along with the new season that premieres on the 4th of September. And it doesn’t go unrewarded for the fans who find it out. In addition to all fun and adventures, anyone who will be the first to find each scene will be awarded a life-size golden Rick head-on-spot. The first fan to find the first ever scene in Mexico was Brandon Cruz. Don’t lose hope cause there are a total of eight more to be discovered yet.

What more can be expected from these?

Adult Swim has today again released another video ahead of season six arrival. It’s called Wormageddon: Malibu unlocking another invasion for the fans to discover. However, Rick seems indifferent to this one as the bizarre video shows a worm monster on a toilet seat. As hilarious as it seems, it might be an easter egg to an unexpected, thrilling saga in the next season.

Hence, fans of the show head on to take care of all Rick and Morty invasions on the planet. Furthermore, we look forward to seeing how insane season 6 will be, and the relationship arc of the duo since Rick knows the backstory of Morty. The Central Finite Curve has been left in a vulnerable state, and we are pretty sure there will be consequences for that.

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Will all these assumptions and excitement be in the air? What do you think about the upcoming season? Did you find om such a scene in the world? Do let us know in the comments below.

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