‘Rick and Morty’ Gets the Most Awaited Spin-off ‘The Vindicators 2’ Ahead of Season 6

‘Rick and Morty’ Gets the Most Awaited Spin-off ‘The Vindicators 2’ Ahead of Season 6

Fans who have been complaining about the dearth of Rick and Morty content have reason to celebrate as Adult Swim just released its spin-off, The Vindicators 2, on YouTube. This joins the long list of content that Adult Swim feeds its fans between the seasons. This comes after it was announced that the dimension-hopping duo is coming back to our screens on September 4. The 10-episode web series should sate the fans until season 6’s premiere.

What is the Rick and Morty spin-off, The Vindicators 2, about?

The Vindicators make their first appearance in the season 3 episode titled, Vindicators 3: The Return of Wordlender. The superhero group included Supernova, Vance Maximus, Million Ants, Crocubot, Alan Rails, and Noob-Noob. Despite their hero status, Rick Sanchez doesn’t get along with them. However, due to Morty forcing Rick to tag along with them on an adventure, he joins them. But later, he finds out it’s their third adventure. They didn’t invite Rick previously because they disliked him. Rick, angry, drunkenly sets up death traps to kill them all off.  

The short web series is meant to take us back to their origins and how things got bad between them and Rick. It will reveal what happened to Diablo Verde, Calypso, and Lady Katana. 

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How can you watch The Vindicators 2?

You can watch the adult animation series directly on Adult Swim’s YouTube Channel. All 10 episodes have been released simultaneously. The episodes are merely 2-5 minutes long, so you can breeze through them easily. However, if you need more context, make sure that you catch up with Rick and Morty season 3. 

Tom Kenny and Maurice LaMarche return to the series. Additionally, Gillian Jacobs and Christian Slator also reprised their roles as Supernova and Vance Maximus respectively. Justin Roiland also lends his voicing abilities to Million Ants and Noob-Noob, besides creating the series with Dan Harmon.

Are you excited about this new spinoff? Will you stream it? Let us know in the comments.

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