Reviving The Time When Henry Cavill Talked About a Wiser Version Of Superman For Man of Steel 2

Reviving The Time When Henry Cavill Talked About a Wiser Version Of Superman For Man of Steel 2

It has been nine years since Henry Cavill blessed our screen appearing as Superman in The Man of Steel. However, the charm of Snyder and Nolan’s masterpiece remains to this day as rumors about Henry’s comeback break the bars. While the entire world waits at the edge of their seats for his homecoming, it is time to get back to an analytical segment of the star. The one where Henry gave a detailed in-depth breakdown of his iconic character. 

Ten months down the lane, in November 2021, Henry Cavill was interviewed by the GQ premier men’s magazine. In the video at length, The Witcher star talked about how the directors together worked on building up his Superman character. Giving us all his prime takeaways from the film, the star evidently hinted at a new movie in making. So what did he say exactly?

Henry Cavill on a newer version of Superman

Although he never mentioned anything explicitly, rumors are such that the British A-lister will be back in the house anytime soon. Henry started off by representing the principles and ideologies that Superman in the movie follows. He emphasized the fact that “Superman represented everything that is good about mankind, despite the fact that mankind might not be good to her.” 

He fleshed out the part where his character killed the only remnant of his species displaying his stance with the good. However, Henry then pressed on making a wiser version of Superman who will not repeat the mistakes his past self had committed. To top it all was the abstinence from killings or collateral damages. Stating the reasons that “he(Superman) has now experienced all of it” Henry then aimed to build a more incredible and “wiser version” of Superman. 

Cavill then expressed his keenness on extracting out the earlier or past life of his character. Pointing out the turn of events with his direct combat with Batman in the 2016 film, he talked about how he wanted to show the actual hope and the true beacon of life his character was. Rather than going into a path of darkness followed by redemption, he first wanted to express the back history of his life completely. 

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The star then later shed light on all his other top-tier personalities across Hollywood including Sherlock Holmes and Geralt of Rivia. Nevertheless, how did you like Henry’s idea for a newer version of Superman? Are you excited about his homecoming too?

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