Iconic Superman and Henry Cavill Parallel Between Reel and Real Life

Iconic Superman and Henry Cavill Parallel Between Reel and Real Life

Hollywood boasts some timeless classic gems that make it stand tall and proud forever. One among such A-listed actors is Henry Cavill. The British actor not only rules all over the industry with his iconic red and blue cape but also on people’s hearts, with his humble composure and soft-spoken mannerisms. 

His return to the DCEU has left movie freaks excited to death. Recently, a Twitter page posted a masterpiece art of a picture that celebrated Henry Cavill’s reel and real life. He is at the heart of the DC universe and all of planet Earth as well. Take a look at the overwhelming collage that left the users all star struck.

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Twitter celebrates Henry Cavill and his strikingly similar reel and real life

The tweet that won the hearts of Superman fans all around the globe has reportedly gone viral overnight. The official account, Heroic Hollywood, which roots for all the greatest heroes of both Marvel and DC, posted a collage of Cavill depicting his stardom as Clark Kent and also has Henry. The caption read, “When life imitates arts. #Superman.” 

The uncanny similarity between both the pictures managed to get 5k+ (and still counting) likes in a matter of few hours. Fans have showered their immense love and respect for their favorite superhero. They have shared some heartwarming comments on the picture as well. 

While one user concurred with the tweet saying, “Same Energy” another framed a sweet paragraph in homage to The Witcher star. 

Earlier this year, another Twitter post showing a conversation with an insider went viral. The account reportedly confirmed Henry Cavill’s homecoming as Superman, but this time in Black Adam alongside Dwayne Johnson. The Rock, himself, has teased the return of the Hollywood giant many times and often in a slew of interviews.

Do you think Henry Cavill will be back as Superman soon? What are your comments on the iconic picture of Henry Cavill that surfaced last night? Do you too agree with captions? Watch Henry’s latest blockbuster hit as the Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher on Netflix

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