Remember When Kanye West Praised Japan over the United States of America for This Major Reason for Joe Rogan

Remember When Kanye West Praised Japan over the United States of America for This Major Reason for Joe Rogan

American Presidential candidate Kanye West was once all praises for Japan. Kanye West, who is known for his expressions and outright speech, has had a soft side for the Asian country for years. Being a global performer, he gets to visit a lot of countries. The creative genius has made some observations and opinions from his experiences.

While every country has its ups and downs, Japan has one good factor that attracts Ye to the country. He explained it all during one of his old interviews.

Kanye West once explained to Joe Rogan why he wanted to visit Japan

Kanye West has a liking for Japan, and he once elaborated on the main reason behind it. In October 2020, the Donda singer made an appearance at The Joe Rogan Experience and talked about the different treatments people receive in America, even if they are celebrities. However, as per Ye, the same is not the case in Japan. “There isn’t like this systemic racism embedded in every single individual that’s inside the place,” he mentioned.

West initially made a comparison between Tom Brady and LeBron James to speak about the hate the latter received because of his race. Bringing back the topic to himself, the singer explained how he had to cancel a show in the midst of a tour when the news of Kim Kardashian getting robbed broke out. The two incidents gave birth to his wish of traveling to the Asian country as he believes that Japan is different from America in terms of racism. 

The God Digger singer’s love for Japan likely goes beyond the country’s attitude towards racism. He has reportedly visited the country several times before.

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A look into Kanye West’s previous visits to Japan

As per Yahoo, the entertainer once revealed how he visited Japan with his late friend Virgil Abloh after getting hate over his Taylor Swift MTV controversy back in 2009. Then in 2017, his then-wife Kim Kardashian took him on a trip to the East Asia country on a private jet as his birthday gift. This was followed by his May 2022 mid-pandemic trip to Tokyo with his then-girlfriend Chaney Jones.

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