Remember When BTS Wanted This Kanye West Song as Their Anthem Whenever They Walked in a Room

Remember When BTS Wanted This Kanye West Song as Their Anthem Whenever They Walked in a Room

BTS once wanted a Kanye West song to be their anthem. The Korean band who has garnered fans around the globe are themselves fans of the ‘Donda’ singer. Proving how music unites the world and does not need a language to love, the band is often touring around the world giving interviews, performances, as well as fan meets.

Korean Pop music fans were thrilled when the group visited the United States. During this, the singers gave an interview wherein they answered some interesting questions that fans have been wanting to know.

How BTS once revealed their favorite Kanye West song during a candid interview

BTS tends to visit worldwide whenever a new album drops. From meeting the President to giving performances, they have something exciting every time. But during their interview with People magazine in April 2017, the band revealed some interesting insights. The group sat together to answer a round of questions by reading them off from pieces of paper. One of the questions was, “the song thay should play when I enter a room is?” RM translated the question for the group and SG’s answer was none other than Kanye West’s song ‘Power.’ They then proceeded to sing and play beats to the song together.

But their second choice was also Drake’s ‘Started from the Bottom.’ They again sang the line, “Ayy..Started from the bottom, now my whole team is here..”. Suddenly JH, who couldn’t recall the music’s name, hilariously started tuning the 20th Century Fox theme.

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Power is West’s song from his 2010 album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Meanwhile, his music rival Drake’s Started from the Bottom is from his 2013 album. But despite their liking for his land, West’s produced stirred issues with the BTS army once.

What happened between Ye’s producer and the BTS Army?

BTS army is called the army for a reason. They called out the Grammys for using the band for more viewers once. The hashtags were all over social media. Others even agreed and asked whether there was any better band in the world. But when Ye’s producer Mike Dean wrote, “Anyone” it caused a major stir.

Although it was not Kanye West himself who ever made a comment. RM, on the other hand, is a big fan of Ye. He often listens to Ye’s songs and takes inspiration. Perhaps a future collaboration between them can happen.

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