BTS Fans Go Gaga Over Coldplay Donning a Wootteo Sticker Along Side Pedro Pascal for SNL

BTS Fans Go Gaga Over Coldplay Donning a Wootteo Sticker Along Side Pedro Pascal for SNL

Last year, the popular BTS idol Kim Seokjin made his debut as a solo artist in collaboration with Coldplay. The handsome singer released his single solo, ‘The Astronaut,’ which was a gift to the ARMY. On the other hand, Jin also created the cutest treasure for them, which he named Wootteo. Since the promotional face of his debut song, this adorable cartoon character with two ponytails became the newest obsession for BTS fandom.

This new member instantly took over the hearts of fans who scrambled on the internet to buy this toy. Seeing the cyan green eyes and robotic outlook, they called the Korean singer a genius. Soon after that, the ‘Awake’ singer launched a complete merch, which included Bath Bomb, Pillow, Cutlery, Photo frame, and much more. And now fans are once again going gaga over as they saw Coldplay donning a Wootteo sticker in an SNL video.

BTS fans fall in love with Coldplay sporting Wootteo stickers 

In a video shared by Saturday Night Live on Twitter, we saw Pedro Parcel and band members announcing the arrival of episode 4. The promo revealed the Game of Thrones star will debut as a host with musical guest Coldplay. 

While the rock band fans were excited about their appearance on the show, eagle-eyed BTS fans noticed something else. ARMY went crazy after Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland wore Wootteo stickers on their shirts.

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Fans on social media are pouring their love for the duo who gave a tribute to Jin. One fan got emotional seeing the pair’s gesture and posted, “No because this man said his friend was ‘going away for a while’ and look at him with a patch of Wootteo next to his heart, I’m crying.” 

While a second fan commented:Coldplay carrying Wootteo in some form whether it’s on a jacket, the plush or anything is by far the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. They’re so good to BTS. They’re so genuine. They are good to them 🥺.” 

“Aww Chris Martin wore Wootteo on his shirt while filming on SNL,” stated another fan.

What do you think about this beautiful gesture showed by Coldplay through Wootteo? Leave your comments below!

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