Redditors Have a Hilarious Theory on Henry Cavill Swearing “f*ck” Every Time in ‘The Witcher’

Redditors Have a Hilarious Theory on Henry Cavill Swearing “f*ck” Every Time in ‘The Witcher’

One of the many standouts in Netflix’s The Witcher is the frequency with which Henry Cavill swears the word fuck. And it seems like Redditors have a say on it. Cavill’s freelance monster butcher is perhaps a man of few words- and the ones he did use were entirely relatable. F*ck followed by an intriguing offering of a “hmm” every time Geralt of Rivia found himself in a difficult situation or was contemplating something almost become his staple energy until it was not anymore.

The British actor was apparently giving some big The Mandalorian dad energy to the twitteratis, and days passed by with a sheer feeling of joy as Ciri continued to be a big pain for her apparent father in a rather cute way. However, the showrunners seemingly wreaked havoc in the real world when they announced Cavill is giving up on his on-screen child surprise following the third season. Well, back then it was certainly a ‘Geralt’s f*ck’ moment for all The Witcher fans out there. But it is all making sense to Redditors now.

Redditors engage in fun banter about why Henry Cavill swore so habitually in The Witcher

Before providing you with insights into what is going on in the Reddit world, we must bring your attention to Geralt of Rivia’s ‘F*ck.’ He said it with a certain style. It’s not a word he would say out of anger or mere passion. There was a sigh in his tempo. He uttered it when he was annoyed, or when there were at least half a dozen men ready to take his life, or when he had to kill a monster, or simply when he did not know what else to say. One may also say, every time Cavill swore in the medieval monster butchering mayhem, an angel got its wings.

But perhaps it was not so. One of the Reddit users hilariously explained Geralt’s precious f*cks were indicating something important. According to r/shittymoviedetails, Cavill was improvising every time he swore, “remembering the terrible route the showrunners were taking.” It was perhaps their total denial of the source material that made the fan-favorite half-human half-demon utter ‘f*ck’ so many times.

In The Witcher series, it can be seen that Geralt has a constant habit of saying "Fuck". This was actually Henry Cavill improvising the word every time he remembered the terrible route the show runners were taking and their total disregard for the books and games. from shittymoviedetails

And although the 39-year-old British actor had to sacrifice his favorite series, showrunners have now promised a more The Witcher books-inclined show. So let us sit back and wait for the time to tell if the world’s most handsome man’s ‘f*cks’ reaped success or went in vain.

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Till then, do let us know your thoughts on this funny theory in the comments below.

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