UPDATE: ‘The Witcher’ Petition Gains 200000 Signature; Calls for Fans to Boycott the Show After the Departure of Henry Cavill

UPDATE: ‘The Witcher’ Petition Gains 200000 Signature; Calls for Fans to Boycott the Show After the Departure of Henry Cavill

Years back, when The Witcher Netflix adaptation was first announced with Henry Cavill as the lead, fans were overjoyed. Cavill fit the bill perfectly and producers had found their perfect Geralt of Rivia. However, cut to 2022, and the shocking news of the actor leaving the production has caused mass hysteria among the fans. 

The flagship fantasy series on the platform will air its third season next summer. Following that, Liam Hemsworth will take on the reins from Cavill. Twitter witnessed fans expressing their rage over the sudden recasting, and now things have escalated a little further with a Change.org petition gaining ground. 

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Henry Cavill fans start a petition to cancel Netflix and The Witcher following its third season 

Fans were perplexed when Henry Cavill quit as Geralt of Rivia. It was assumed that the man had chosen to quit to play Superman instead. However, the latest reports suggested that there was much more going on behind the doors and in the conference rooms. Cavill severed the partnership with the streamer because he had a fallout with the show’s writers and producers.

Apparently, the show’s creators were deviating from the original source materials, which didn’t sit well with the DC actor. It is no secret that the British actor is one of the biggest fans of the novels and the game. Due to their creative disagreements, the two parties chose to terminate the contract. 

Livid fans started a Change.org petition that now has 200,000 signatures. The petition informs subscribers that the streamer has taken a grave decision against its subscribers’ wishes. The company replaced Cavill because he could not stand for the changes they were making to Sapkowski’s world. It urged the fans to boycott the show once season 3 concludes and, if possible, end their subscription as well. 

Let us show them in pure numbers (and thus lost money, because that’s all they really care about) that none of us Witcher fans will stand with them and will abandon the show (and potentially our subscriptions) after The Witcher season 3 is concluded,” it read. 

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Are you against the recasting as well? Have you already signed the petition? Let us know in the comments.

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