Real Life Squid Game – Know the Gameplay Here

Real Life Squid Game – Know the Gameplay Here

Months have passed since Netflix released the hit K-Drama series Squid Game. Although three-four months is enough to boil down the commotion created by a viral series, Squid Game is different. Fans can’t get over the bizarre game the contestants played at the end, yet the real-life Squid Game can be tough to understand.

The survival drama series shocked everyone when its streaming minutes crossed 3 billion, and it joined Nielsen’s “3 Billion Club”. Squid Game has achieved the milestone in the second week itself.

What does the playground look like?

If you weren’t paying attention when Gi-hun was explaining the rules of Squid Game, then we have you covered. The titular game of the K-Drama series has two teams of attackers and defenders. But this is not just another version of tag where the attackers chase defenders, as the game has confined spaces for the players.

The game got its unique name thanks to the marked spaces that vaguely look like a squid. The combined space between the square and triangle is called a castle. While the two circles at the opposite ends act as gates for attackers. The intersection of the triangle and circle at the top is the base of the defending team. The players use the rectangle that cuts through the triangle and the square as a bridge.

How do you play Squid Game in real life?

Defenders can use both their legs inside the castle, but attackers can’t do the same. Both the teams should have equal players and need to hop on one leg outside the castle. The defending team will place itself inside the castle. Players can fight on one leg outside the castle, and if they fall or touch the lines, it results in elimination.

Attackers need to run from the opposite gate to the base of defenders across the castle. But since you have a disability, which permits you from using both legs. Thus, you must first get rid of it, but to do that, the attackers must run across the bridge without defenders catching them. The attackers can use both their legs while crossing the bridge.

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As we see in Squid Game, the defense can use tactics like pushing and pulling from inside the castle to eliminate the attackers. Hwang Dong-hyuk, who played the game as a child, gave it a bloody twist when he literally interpreted the word to eliminate in his series.

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