Rather Than the Streets of Paris, Penn Badgley Was Spotted Filming for ‘You’ Season 4 on a New Location

Rather Than the Streets of Paris, Penn Badgley Was Spotted Filming for ‘You’ Season 4 on a New Location

It’s been quite a time since Joe Goldberg left us after murdering Love and putting their suburb Californian house on fire, leaving his son to a gay couple. But that’ cannot be the end of Joe Goldberg. He is returning with the television show, You for a season 4, and the psychological crime thriller has finally hit the floor.

You season 3 left us with a cliffhanger, and by the end scene of the season, we can see Joe has run away from Madre Linda and probably settled in Paris. Like how after murdering Beck, he left for Los Angeles and changed his name, he might do the same thing in You season 4. However, while we don’t know what he will call himself this time, we certainly know where he will be at.

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You season 4 starts filming

Since the filming and production of the psychological thriller started on March 22, 2022, fans are excited to have some sneak peek of behind-the-scenes so that they can form theories until season 4 hits the screen. So, the show’s official Twitter handle recently shared a photo of clapperboard for season 4. Safe to say, Joe is returning with his stalking self.

Tati Gabrielle, who played the role of Marienne, will return for season 4. Joe used to have a huge crush, or you can say, he as obsessed with Marriene. In season 3, while sipping an espresso, Joe fantasized about running into her in the City of Love, Paris. His line went like this: “Marriage almost ruined both of us, but we escaped. Maybe the scars on our hearts make them stronger.” She had run away from the suburbs to settle in London. So, we really don’t know whether Joe followed her to London, or whether this is all just a game of fate.

However, it is safe to presume that the UK capital will be home to season four, rather than Paris. Penn Badgley, as Joe Goldberg, can be seen in a tan suit, roaming the street of London with his dark-colored baseball cap. Tati Gabrielle, as Marienne Bellamy, was also spotted in the streets of London (running) filming.

The new season will also highlight a lot of fresh faces, and Joe’s obsession will continue to grow with a new character.

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