Produced by Michelle and Barack Obama, Is ‘The G Word With Adam Conover’ on Netflix Worth Watching?

Produced by Michelle and Barack Obama, Is ‘The G Word With Adam Conover’ on Netflix Worth Watching?

After the massive spurge of true crime content on Netflix, the platform has certainly switched lanes. We are seeing the release of some of the streaming giant’s classics like Stranger Things, Bridgerton, and The Umbrella Academy after Ozark recently met its end. While we are on the way to reaching the release of these highly anticipated projects, another unique title is making headlines. The G Word With Adam Conover, a Barack and Michelle Obama production, certainly boasts a unique concept. But, is the show worth 3 hours of your life?

What is The G Word With Adam Conover about?

Adam Conover is a name that had been synonymous with Adam Ruins Everything. However, a corporate merger left all of truTV network’s shows abandoned. Currently, Conover has moved to a project from Higher Ground Productions. What is special about this company is the fact that it was founded by former American president Barack Obama and his wife, the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

The involvement of the Obamas is what gives the unique aspect to The G Word as well. This Netflix series talks about the involvement of the government in all aspects of one’s life. The more you learn about the same, the more questions the series leaves you with at the end. While the renowned comedian had a hilarious take on the topic, it showed fans some serious and informative things.

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Is it worth streaming?

The G Word has everything that fans adored about Adam Ruins Everything. Conover still possesses his signature fast-moving pace of jokes. While the Netflix series does bust some common myths, the knowledge it imparts isn’t something you wouldn’t find on the internet or read in a bunch of books. Nonetheless, we cannot describe the show as anything less than a well-researched, fast-moving, and highly entertaining series. If entertainment is what you’re looking for, then we’d suggest you stream it.

Coming to the part that a lot of people might avoid in Thanksgiving conversations- are we going to believe the information in a show produced by a former president? The G Word certainly does focus on the different ways that American government agencies help us. From meat consumption and hygiene to talking about healthcare, the show touches on some of the most talked-about facets of the government on social media. Yes, we mostly see the upsides of the involvement of the government in everything, but, Conover does not shy away from calling the agencies out whenever the “public interest” in their activities isn’t visible.

Our final verdict on the show would indefinitely be to stream it. But we would suggest viewers think twice before buying into every positive thing that is said about the government. While it is a lousy note to end an article on, one cannot and must not always believe the information in front of them. Like any other documentary, The G Word does not provide the entire picture, but it certainly hits a mark.

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The G Word with Adam Conover is streaming on Netflix now!

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