Jennifer Lopez Battles “To Be Heard, to Be Seen, to Be Taken Seriously” in the Netflix Documentary ‘Halftime’

Jennifer Lopez Battles “To Be Heard, to Be Seen, to Be Taken Seriously” in the Netflix Documentary ‘Halftime’

When you sit down with your friends and discuss some of the biggest performers of our generation, Jennifer Lopez is a name that is sure to come up. And it is not just a mere name on the list, but J.Lo is undoubtedly a name that will top the list. But it has not always been this simple for the American singer, dancer, and actor. And that is exactly what we will get to see in the recent Netflix documentary on Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez has always been the voice that speaks against the horrors of society. And in this new documentary, which is set to debut at Tribeca, we see her doing exactly that. Lopez is seen tackling sexism, motherhood, and enduring stardom in the documentary. Check out the trailer and every detail we know about it below.

Jennifer Lopez features in an exhilarating Netflix documentary that traces her journey as a megastar

The Grammy-nominated singer and performer Jennifer Lopez is once again at the center of the world, as she stars in Netflix’s newest documentary halftime. It will debut on the first night at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 8, 2022. Oscar-nominated director and Tribeca alum Amanda Micheli has directed the film. It will make its way to the streaming platform after almost a week on June 14, 2022.

Lopez’s rise to stardom ties together to documentary. And also how she needs “to be taken seriously” by the media, her peers, and the respective music and film industries. We see a lot of things that Lopez went through throughout her career. The Oscar-snub for Hustlers, her being called a diva, and also Billy Bush (literally) asking her about her bu*t. Halftime will walk us through all these things and more when it releases on Netflix.

I said to her once, ‘Doesn’t this bother you?’” Lopez’s longtime love and current fiancé, Oscar winner Ben Affleck, explains in the trailer. “And she said, ‘I expected this.’” towards the end of the documentary trailer, we see Lopez reveal how much she has struggled. She says, “My whole life I have been battling to be heard, to be seen, to be taken seriously.

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What are your expectations from this new documentary coming soon on Netflix?


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