“Princess dreams and witchy nightmares” – Here Is How Netflix’s ‘The School for Good and Evil’ Fared With Critics

“Princess dreams and witchy nightmares” – Here Is How Netflix’s ‘The School for Good and Evil’ Fared With Critics

Netflix is on a roll making some amazing home-production movies. The latest addition to this list is the Paul Feig direction, The School for Good and Evil. The fantasy flick made its release on the streaming giant on 19th October 2022. It is already making a buzz for its visually beautiful affair and the reviews for The School for Good and Evil are out now.

The movie is an adaptation of Soman Chainani’s fantasy novel series of the same name. He also has Kali Ma, Davi & Stu, Boys Life 6, etc., to his credit. But perhaps this movie was the biggest and grandest in all ways, with Netflix spreading the red carpet. However, turning fantasy stories into movies does not always turn the way imagined. So how did The School for Good and Evil fare for critics?

A review of The School for Good and Evil

Netflix’s new fantasy movie is out, and so are its critical reviews. For most critics, The School for Good and Evil is a mixture of Harry Potter mixed with the musical Wicked or Descendants. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a score of 42% with a slightly higher audience score of 78%. While IMDB gave it an average score of 5.8 stars. As per Maya Philips of the New York Times, the movie has “cringe-worthy: cheesy special effects,” while she did give credit to Sophie and Agatha, played by Sophie Caruso and Sophia Wylie, respectively.

In addition, the power-packed supporting roles by Charlize Theron and Kerry Washington add much-needed weightage to the movie, which largely helped it pull up to a decent rating. Such performances are much-needed because the movie is clumsy, imperfect, and quite typical in its genre. The plot revolves around two friends Agatha and Sophie who are thrown off to two different schools, one for the good and one for evil. They fight for their friendship in a world of double standards and inequality.

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The movie can be appreciated for its message, highlighting these separate worlds, as well as its big sequences. The shortage, however, is felt in its failure to expand and perfect any of the big promises it could have fulfilled. In attempts of trying to be too much of everything, it fell short of excelling in any one aspect.

What are your reviews of The School for Good and Evil movie? If you have not watched the movie yet, it is available to stream on Netflix now.

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