Post Breaking Up with Ye, Julia Fox Defends Meghan Markle From Critical Claims, says “She was truly born a QUEEN”

Post Breaking Up with Ye, Julia Fox Defends Meghan Markle From Critical Claims, says “She was truly born a QUEEN”

Although the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is quite often bombarded with hate comments and scorching remarks, she has never run out of her genuine supporters. Ever since her infamous Megxit from the Royal Family alongside Prince Harry, the couple shifted to the former’s native nation. And it is needless to say that the support in the United States canceled the passive hatred in the Kingdom in equal proportions. 

Starting from Hollywood biggies to superstars of the music industry, everyone had their back in the States. Joining the force against the trenchant criticism of the Sussexes was also Julia Fox, the Italian American actress who spoke for the self-exiled couple. After her breakup with the Donda rapper Kanye West, the star has been more into women. Time and again she has actively participated in taking bold stances for her fellow stars. 

Julia Fox voices Meghan Markle against haters after trailer release

The recently released docuseries became the new agenda for Royal experts to spurt anger and fire, and Julia Fox took to her Instagram to support Harry and Meghan. The actress expressed her strong support for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in her Instagram account. Her stories called out Meghan haters and asked them to “go die” if they disagree.

She further continued saying that, not the ones in the palace but Meghan Markle is the “real royal.” Fox continued striking at the “racist (expletive) haters stating this (Meghan Markle) woman was BORN to be a leader and spark change”

In her explosive story, the Uncut Gems star scoffed at the Duchess’ haters, calling them ‘jealous’ of her. She reflected on how what the Suits alum does mean more to her than the mere titles passed around by elites. Fox’s words of support came after social media and legitimate journalists and reports bashed the Sussex pair. Prior to Julia Fox, another American singer, Maren Morris also hit back at criticism against Meghan Markle. Her usual TikTok videos, which come with a musical or a casual video, came as a support campaign for the Duchess. 

When it comes to charging the media for their physical and mental assault on celebrities, women never hold back. And American megahit stars and celebrities always make sure they settle their scores with anyone who has defamed them. And Cardi B did just that. Days after the tabloids lambasted Harry and Meghan, the star talked in a full-length Snapchat video expressing her concerns for the fellow former star. 

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What is your take on the matter? Do you agree with what Fox said?

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