‘Pokémon 2’ Without Ryan Reynolds? With the Upcoming ‘Deadpool 3’, Will the Canadian Actor Be a Part of the Pokémon Sequel?

‘Pokémon 2’ Without Ryan Reynolds? With the Upcoming ‘Deadpool 3’, Will the Canadian Actor Be a Part of the Pokémon Sequel?

From being a businessman to being the voice of an animated character, the Vancouver-born actor has come a long way. Ryan Reynolds has done a spectacular job at playing the titular character of Pikachu in the Pokémon film. While fans loved the voice of the actor in Detective Pikachu, they were expecting more of it. They wanted a sequel. But the real question is with Deadpool 3 coming up, can their favorite voice of Pikachu come back? While holding their Pokeballs in their hands, fans cannot stop wondering if the Canadian actor will come back for the sequel of the film.

It is not novel news that the 46-year-old actor is currently working on Deadpool 3 along with many other projects. Now that the sequel to the film is confirmed, fans want the Deadpool actor back in the film. However, there might be bad news for you all. Because of his tight schedule, he might not come back as the titular character in the sequel.

However, while the sequel is in talks, the film got its director. Jonathan Krisel is currently in conversation about negotiations to direct the sequel. By getting one of the most talented directors, the Pokémon franchise is processing forward with the next film. Although fans will miss their favorite voice of the Red Notice actor, was the first film a success?

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Was the first film, starring Ryan Reynolds, a success?

Detective Pikachu became a fan-favorite movie instantly. Rob Letterman directed the first film that earned more than $430 million globally. Because the franchise has millions of video games and many billions of Pokémon TCG cards, it is understandable how much love the franchise has received. Although the father of four might not be coming back, the new writer is expected to make the sequel more interesting.

As reported by Deadline, having Chris Galletta on board would give a different and fresh perspective to the story. The sequel will have more Pokémon characters with the interestingly new writings of Galletta.

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Are you also excited about the sequel of Detective Pikachu? Share your favorite scenes from the first film with us in the comment box below.

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