“Piss off Titanic”: When Ryan Reynolds Dissed Leonardo Di Caprio’s $2.2Billion Earning Movie Over A Song

“Piss off Titanic”: When Ryan Reynolds Dissed Leonardo Di Caprio’s $2.2Billion Earning Movie Over A Song

The award-winning Ryan Reynolds has never failed to impress fans with his talent as we have seen him all these years. Undoubtedly he has pulled every character remarkably whether it’s an action role in Deadpool or a comic one in The Proposal. He is one of the highest-grossing actors in Hollywood of all time. Since his movies always left a deep impression on viewers whenever he stepped on the stage with his unique style.

Moreover, there is a good thing about him that even after achieving success he is the same person. As the 45-year-old actress is famous for his jolly nature and loves to through witty jokes all the time. No matter whether he is being interviewed or talking to his co-star he loves a good laugh. Now let’s look at what made Ryan diss Leonardo Di Caprio’s $2.2 Billion earning movie over a song.

Ryan Reynolds chooses a song over Leonardo’s Titanic

In 2018, Ryan Reynolds sat down with Heatworld to talk about his new movie Deadpool 2. During the conversation, Ryan and the host started talking about the famous pop singer Judith Newton.

The actor revealed how they convinced her to sing the “Angel of the Morning” song. Moreover, the host said that has cried more times hearing that song than she did on Titanic’s My Heart Will Go On.

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Ryan joked “Piss of Titanic” and added that her songs are deeply touching she can just make you cry with her beautiful voice. Well, this is not the first time he’s seen joking as he roasted his co-star recently on social media.

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