“Piece of SH*T”: When Ryan Reynolds Went Unfiltered in Front of a Kid

“Piece of SH*T”: When Ryan Reynolds Went Unfiltered in Front of a Kid

The multi-millionaire actor and producer, Ryan Reynolds, is in the news again for being hilarious and relatable. The actor has a knack for saying hilarious things with a straight face making the audience crack up even in the most mundane situations. Furthermore, the actor is also known for being blunt and saying everything on his mind, like the time he admitted that he would use his wife as a human shield if it were to protect his daughter. This time too, the actor starred in a video game commercial, and in true Ryan Reynolds, it remained unfiltered as always.

Ryan Reynolds loses calm in front of a child

We all have been guilty of punching our pillows aggressively while playing a video game. Remember how we felt truly betrayed when we discovered the imposter while playing the Among Us? Well turns out we aren’t the only ones because megastar Ryan Reynolds also found himself cursing out loud while playing a video game.

In a commercial for Toon Blast, Ryan Reynolds couldn’t help but say “piece of sh*t” and a string of other curses when he ran out of moves. The fun does not end there because when The Adam Project actor finds a little girl standing in the doorway, he seems unfazed. Ryan then proceeds to say, “I shouldn’t have done that“, and the girl says it’s okay but being the quirky person he is, he clarifies that he was talking about the video game.

The whole ordeal is even funnier when you remember that Ryan is the father of three little daughters.

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The man has never missed an opportunity to talk about them. Someone could sit and make a ten-minute-long compilation of the Red Notice actor talking about how he has watched ‘Frozen’ with his daughters almost a gazillion times. Through roles in movies such as Shallow, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have proved that they are exceptionally wonderful actors.

So it is but natural for the audience to wonder whether their kids too will be entering the showbiz. Well, the actor has quite a lot to say on this subject. The most hilarious was when he said he wouldn’t put his kids into the glitz and glam of the Hollywood industry simply because he is against child abuse.

With such regard for kids and their welfare, it is surprising how unfiltered he can be in front of them. What do you think of this funny incident? Comment down below.

Meanwhile, catch Reynolds being his meanest and savage self with his kid version in The Adam Project, streaming on Netflix.

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