Peplum on the Rise as Princess Kate Middleton and Brit Titan, Harry Styles Bring Back the Ultra-Flattering Style in Their Latest Appearances

Peplum on the Rise as Princess Kate Middleton and Brit Titan, Harry Styles Bring Back the Ultra-Flattering Style in Their Latest Appearances

Apart from being the women force of the royal family of Britain, members like Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, and others are official trendsetters for the present generation. Everything that they put on, may it be a casual outfit for a state visit or a breathtaking gown for an occasion, becomes a hot topic among fashion nerds and followers. Not only the royals, but a handful of other top-ranking British celebrities like Harry Styles, also have a humongous role in setting the trends for the day. 

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Needless to say, there is a heaven-and-hell difference between what the Princess of Wales wears and the outfits chosen by A-grade performers like Harry Styles. However, in a rare occurrence, both the Princess of Wales and the Prince of Pop ran lines with a similar silhouette. Surprisingly, it suits royal attire and goes for a vibrant stage show, as well. Peplum for the run it is! 

Kate Middleton at Commonwealth Day Service
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For the royals, the week prior to this was marked by the Commonwealth Day Service. Attending the same, Kate Middleton looked chic in an elegant navy blazer peplum with printed white minimalistic designs all over. Accessorizing it with a navy blue clutch, she paired the same with similar-colored pumps.

Harry Styles At Brit Awards 2023
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As reported by People Magazine, this came just a month after the Don’t Worry Darling star wore peplum at various promotional events. Not only he, but his co-star in the movie, Florence Pugh also sported a peplum with a gorgeous strapless red gown. The former One Direction member, on the other hand, paired his, while rocking a breathtaking black suit jacket. 

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How to get the Kate Middleton and Harry Styles-esque Peplum for yourself?

While serving as both a subtle choice for official occasions and also as a dramatic party wear, it is understandable why most celebrities are now inclined towards peplum. The comfort, as well as the elegant looks which radiate from a simple extension at the waist, truly makes for a pleasing choice that most would prefer. 

For those inspired by celebrities, the flattering masterpiece is available for as little as $33. Although the ones actually worn by the royals will obviously cost a little higher, the ones with a casual fit are easily accessible in the market. To be precise, Nordstrom has a myriad collection of the same, in case you want to try your hands on the fit. 

Are you inclined towards peplum too? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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