“People will be entertained”- Kanye West’s Ex-Bodyguard Promises an Enticing Exposé of the Infamous Rapper Amidst Backlash

“People will be entertained”- Kanye West’s Ex-Bodyguard Promises an Enticing Exposé of the Infamous Rapper Amidst Backlash

Kanye West has apparently had a bad history with his employees. The Donda singer is already in the midst of controversies due to his anti-Semitic remarks and comments on black civil rights activists like Rosa Parks. It even led to the ending of his partnership with Adidas and other luxury brands.

Recently it was revealed how the artist had misbehaved with an Adidas employee, making her sit on the floor. But while that is being investigated, what is the experience like working for him round the clock? His former bodyguard Steve Staniulis is set to expose it all in an upcoming documentary. He gave a sneak peek of it from the two weeks that he worked for Ye.

Former bodyguard set to expose the challenges of working with Kanye West

Working with Kanye West is no easy task, feedback from his own employees reveals much of it. According to The Richest, Ye’s former bodyguard Steve Staniulis is set to release a documentary describing his work experience. Although he worked with the Donda singer only for two weeks, it was enough time for him to experience the crazy rules and behaviors of the artist. As per the bodyguard, West once made his staff blow through red traffic light because he wanted to get to a fashion show.

He knew that people would not see the entertainer in a negative light, but added, “Everybody knows now the type of person his personality is; I was just the first one who knew back in 2016.” Previously, the former bodyguard revealed how West and Kim Kardashian shared an unaffectionate marriage even before their divorce.

The documentary began its production back in 2022, but it is unsure when it will be released. Staniulis previously gave an interview about his experience and was threatened by Ye with a lawsuit of over $60 million. West claimed that all employees, including the bodyguard, had signed a non-disclosure agreement, but the former bodyguard denied signing any such paper.

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Meanwhile, another one of Ye’s employees claimed that the singer fired him for suggesting to play Drake’s music. The entertainer is known to have been part of several non-disclosed settlements with his former employees over the issues. What do you make of it all? Comment your thoughts.

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