Steven Knight Explains How Fans’ Mistrust Led to Michael Betraying the Shelby Family in Peaky Blinders

Steven Knight Explains How Fans’ Mistrust Led to Michael Betraying the Shelby Family in Peaky Blinders

The thing about shows is that they give you characters that spend a large amount of time with you. Unlike in the movies, where it is a matter of mere hours, it shows you have these characters with you for years. And it all comes down to the writers who create them in the first place. Peaky Blinders season 6 brings in a beautiful set of characters that we have seen grow and learn throughout the years.

Steven Knight, the writer of the magnificent series, recently joined a conversation with Adrian Chiles from the British Film Institute. In that conversation, he opened up about the process of writing these alluring characters and how an actor affects them as well. While many of us thought Steven has had the story in his mind forever, it is quite baffling to see the reality with him. With no further ado, let us see how he brought these characters into existence, especially the menace, Michael Gray.

How the internet formed the destiny of his character in Peaky Blinders season 6

While talking to Steven Knight about his writing processes, Adrian Chiles brought in a rather interesting question to the world. He asked whether he writes the character on his own first and then just hands it over to the actor who is going to play it, who then informs the supposed destiny of it. This is indeed a great observation to make, because these actors spend the most time with their characters and they, of course, have some idea about their future.

Interestingly, Steven Knight followed the very method mentioned by Adrian, especially with the character of Michael Gray on Peaky Blinders. Steven revealed how he likes to not know where he is moving with his characters when he writes. He said, “I tend to not know where I’m going when I start writing something. So I start writing the scene and take the character scene-by-scene and find out like if you like who that character is from what comes to you through your fingers.

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Knight also opened up about how the fans online made him write Michael as a character that betrays the Shelby family. He talked about how he read people online talking about not trusting the character of Michael, even though he was just an innocent young boy. He says it was “the evolution of the character through the keyboard,” which is a beautiful way to put it.

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