Peaky Blinders To Get A Movie Post Season 6? Here’s Everything We Know

Peaky Blinders To Get A Movie Post Season 6? Here’s Everything We Know

There has never been a show as grand and intriguing as Peaky Blinders. The show’s season five was probably the most tantalizing cliffhanger ever seen in a tv show before. Now that the new season is just hours away, things are more exciting than ever! And it looks like more things a brewing up for the Peaky blinders movie.

Update on the Peaky Blinders movie

Last year, it was announced that season six of the hit BBC crime drama show Peaky Blinders would be it’s final. However, it will not mean the end of their story, with a movie coming to conclude the story for good. This is probably the first time a show will finish with a film rather than a season finale. But Peaky Blinders has always been one out-of-the-box crazy show.

Peaky Blinders Season 7 Was Canceled, 'Continue in Another Form'

So fans are really excited about this new way of ending the show and are dying for some updates on the movie. Finally, there is some update about the banger of a film that it’ll be.

In an official tweet by Birmingham Live, it is announced that the show creator Mr. Stephen Knigh has started working on the film, and they’ll start shooting in 18 months. The tweet quoted him saying, “I’ve started writing it [the film] but it’s in my head mostly. The process is gradual but yes we are starting. And we plan to start shooting in 18 months.” The tweet also featured a picture of Knight on the season premiere.

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Season 5 recap

Peaky Blinders season 6 won't be on Netflix in August 2021
Peaky Blinders – Credit: Netflix

As we are just hours away from the season, six premieres, let us get ready for the new season as we do not have time to watch the whole previous season. But you want to go ahead!

So here is a quick recap of season five. The financial meltdown of 1929 throws the globe into disarray in Season 5. There is both opportunity and misfortune everywhere. When Tommy, now an MP, is contacted by a charismatic politician with a daring vision for Britain, he realizes that his reaction will have ramifications not only for his family’s future but for the entire country.

Now that we are ready for season six, let us know who you think betrayed the family in the comments below.

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