‘Peaky Blinders’ Fans Go Into the Most Heartwarming Thomas Shelby and Grace Scenes From the Show

‘Peaky Blinders’ Fans Go Into the Most Heartwarming Thomas Shelby and Grace Scenes From the Show

One of the grittiest crime dramas to stream on Netflix, Peaky Blinders, recently wrapped up its final season on the platform. Viewers all over fell in love with the gangster family. They made us laugh, cry, empathize with, and even root for them. Especially the titular character of Tommy Shelby, played flawlessly by Irish actor Cillian Murphy. The show deals with many deep-seated and intense issues like PTSD, drugs, arms, and even political turmoil. However, reminiscing about the show fondly, the fans recall the beautiful yet short-lived relationship between Tommy and Grace. 

Tommy and Grace: Made for each other

Throughout the 6-season run of the show, the kingpin of the Peaky Blinders has numerous affairs. Some are romantic, some casual, and some purely as part of a deal. While May Carleton and Lizzie Stark stood out from the line-up and earned Tommy’s respect, they probably never earned his love. Tommy adored Lizzie, his second wife, and mother of her daughter, yet only Grace Burgess received his unconditional love.

Reddit users, even today, are going gaga over a particular scene between Tommy (Cillian Murphy) and Grace (Annabelle Wallis). It is from season 3, episode 1 of Peaky Blinders. Grace and Thomas are in a tender embrace, and the chemistry is just off the charts. Owing to how Grace and Tommy met, many fans dislike her character. But this scene has many supporters jump to Grace’s defense and gush over their love.

Avid supporters even express their grief over Grace’s death and reiterate how perfect the two were for each other.

One user even illustrates the “potential” for Grace’s character and how she was truly his match, “charm, cunning” and all.

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Peaky Blinders post Grace’s death

While Grace and Tommy first got together under false pretenses and perhaps bad faith, their instant spark was undeniable. After two seasons of on-again, off-again, treachery, and yearning, they finally get married in season 3. They even have a son together, Charles. In the same season, when everything seems to fall into place, a bullet meant for Tommy hits Grace in the chest. 

Vincente Changretta was the one who ordered the assassination. Tommy’s grief and vengeance established the Changretta family and Lucca Changretta (Adrien Brody) as the main villain of season 4. Tommy could never forget Grace. She was alive throughout the show in his hallucinations. Fans also believed that Tommy became a shell of his former self after losing Grace because of his guilt. Even though Lizzie came close, he could never truly show affection or even sentimentality to anyone other than Grace.

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Do you agree with the Reddit users regarding Tommy and Grace? Do you think the potential of Grace’s character was wasted by her death? Let us know in the comments. All season of Peaky Blinders are streaming on Netflix.

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