Lizzie vs. Grace: Peaky Blinders Fans Come to the Former’s Defense, as Tommy’s Best Lover Debate Continues

Lizzie vs. Grace: Peaky Blinders Fans Come to the Former’s Defense, as Tommy’s Best Lover Debate Continues

Peaky Blinders, the series has finally ended. But it is not the kind of show that people will forget soon, especially after the thrilling conclusion of the show. Even almost three months after the end of the show, people are still debating and talking about multiple things from the series. One of the hottest topics still is whether Tommy loved Lizzie at all.

Some fans of the show have even moved forward to say that they do not like the character of Lizzie. A Reddit user challenges this notion by saying that all the arguments that haters of Lizzie give are baseless and false.

Let us see what the people feel about this notion and whether they agree with it or not.

Why do people hate Lizzie from Peaky Blinders?

Lizzie was not an important character when she first appeared in the show’s initial season’s fourth episode. However, after the death of Tommy’s first wife and his marrying Lizzie, she quickly became of huge importance to the show.

But being Tommy’s second wife and her initial plans to marry John have somewhat made her unpopular among fans. But a Reddit user, u/marzo4, has since disagreed with all hate for the character and is getting immense support in the comments.

Many fellow users have posted the agreement with the user and have virtually put an end to the Lizzie Vs. Grace debate.

Some of the comments are.

  • “For sure, he loved each of them in a different way. Lizzie unfortunately was the one who had to see Tommy completely spiral.”
  • “I personally adore Lizzie tbh.”
  • “I love Lizzie. All my homies love Lizzie. Anyone who doesn’t love Lizzie has no taste.”
  • “Lizzie >>>>>> Grace”

The topic of whether Tommy loved Lizzie equally or greater than Grace certainly has been a popular one. And the one for which there shall never be a constructive answer.

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But saying that, we might get to see their relationship in the Peaky Blinders movie in a different light which might end the debate. However, the wait for the film is still a long one.

Meanwhile, let us know if you guys love or hate Lizzie from Peaky Blinders in the comments.

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