‘Ozark’ Stars Jason Bateman and Julia Garner Reunite at SAG 2022

‘Ozark’ Stars Jason Bateman and Julia Garner Reunite at SAG 2022

The year may be coming to an end, but the praises and accolades for the Ozark finale which aired in early 2022 are not stopping anytime soon. The crime thriller drama starring Jason Bateman over the course of four seasons has established itself as one of the best series on the streaming giant.

Julia Garner, who played Ruth, one of the most pivotal characters in the drug kerfuffle drama, attended the SAG Q&A event hosted by Netflix Tudum alongside Jason Bateman. Both outstanding actors answered some burning questions at the event held, while fans rejoiced in their reunion.

Julia Garner and Jason Bateman reunite at SAG Q&A 2022

Julia Garner has garnered a hefty bag of achievements following her phenomenal performance in the series. After wowing the audience in Inventing Anna, the actress returned to play Ruth and left us mind blown. This year, Garner collected her third Emmy win at the 2022 award show for best actress in a supporting role.

Her co-star, and arguably the epicenter of Ozark, Jason Bateman has yet to receive any Emmy awards. The Inventing Anna actress thanked Jason Bateman for believing in her during her 3rd Emmy award acceptance speech.

Hearing Garner thank him on stage, fans were surprised to see how close the two are off stage. In Ozark, Ruth and Marty Byrde are constantly locking horns with each other given the fact that are both equally strong-headed.

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At the SAG Q&A event, which was held at the Netflix Tudum Theatre in Los Angeles on the 12th of November, the actors wore matching black outfits.

While Bateman opted for a more casual black sweatshirt and blue jeans look, Julia Garner was channeling some Anna Sorokin energy with a suit.

Since the Ozark finale aired this year, Bateman has been busy producing many projects. Reports of the Arrested Development actor starring in another negative role alongside Taron Eagerton in a Holiday thriller have been making the rounds.

On the other hand, Julia Garner has thrown her metaphorical hat for Madonna’s biography. Or the hat has thrown itself onto her in Garner’s case. Variety reported that the actress was offered to play the icon in her biography and is currently prepping for the role under a demanding icon.

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