On Contrary To Being The Megastar of Horror Movies Sadie Sink Once Confessed How She Isn’t a Fan Of The Genre

On Contrary To Being The Megastar of Horror Movies Sadie Sink Once Confessed How She Isn’t a Fan Of The Genre

Upon Stranger Things‘ massive success with the latest season, stars like Sadie Sink and Millie Bobby Brown have become world entities to look up to. Especially, our very own MadMax who swept the grounds beneath our feet has become one of the most sought-after actresses ever. Her knack for playing in horror movies with the most unconventional roles has fetched her global acclaim and success. But did you know horror movies are not exactly Sink’s favorite choice of movies?

In an interview with The Face, Sink gave us some major revelations about the same. She spoke on how horror movies are not her type although she is one master of the art. Having a record for playing back-to-back spine-chilling movies like Fear Street Trilogy and the Stranger Things franchise, here is what the actress has to say. 

Sadie Sink on her choice of movies

Apart from many of her unknown qualities like being a feminist or someone with a big no-no to social media, the 20-year-old has something with her choice of movies. Instead of slasher movies, the star is greatly drawn to genres like psychological thrillers such as Get Out and Midsommar. She elaborated on her fascination with them saying “it stays with you for weeks.

Sink further explained how such movies do a great job of building up the character of the actors in a more realistic way. She resonates more with such roles as “they feel true rather than someone who is just getting stabbed or screaming all the time.” Channelizing her opinions into her career Sink revealed how she tried to apply the same to Ziggy Berman.

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On the sets, while filming she deliberately engaged herself in “finding those moments to make her feel human.” Sadie who is the horror queen of many dreaded movies and franchises finds the genre a bit too scary. Hence, binge-watching some unrealistic horrifying slasher movie is definitely what Sadie would not go for. 

Earlier as a child, she also confessed how she finds herself a bit different from the rest of her generation. Emphasizing the use of social media, Sink revealed how it is not a very integral part of her life. Nevertheless, she maintains frequent communication with her fans and friends. The star has truly been one of our favorites of all time. 

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