When Sadie Sink Revealed The Reason Why She Felt ‘Little Different’ From the Majority of Her ‘Generation’

When Sadie Sink Revealed The Reason Why She Felt ‘Little Different’ From the Majority of Her ‘Generation’

After Stranger Things skyrocketed, Sadie Sink has become one of the most sought-after stars of the year. The 20-year-old is now looked up to as one of the Gen z icons of the era. However, as her words once suggested, Sink does not think she belongs here. 


Back before the pandemic era in 2019, the then 17-year-old opened up on this rather sensitive matter. In a solo interview with Vogue Magazine, Sadie Sink revealed how she sometimes feels a bit different from her own generation.  

Sadie Sink on her social media usage and management

The theme of the interview as printed was called “connected”. Speaking of the term, the staff asked the Texas native to link it to her generation and elaborate on how it applied to her daily life. Shedding light on the same, Sadie explained how one can be connected to the world without “being glued to your phone all the time”. She further said that as an actress, she would like to be more connected to the present and live in the moment. 


Talking about her generation as a whole, Sink also admitted that she loves being on social media as much as her friends do. However so, she feels a little less concerned about her online appearance than the average teenager of her era. Although there is a constant need to engage with the fans, she is hardly ever online to use the platforms required.

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Sink also addressed the “bad side” of social media, although it is a great platform when used properly. She still did not want to give in to the temptation of being on the phone for 24 hours like most people her age. As the star is now more concerned about her future career plans and choices, she chose out of the media influencer’s life. 

What are your thoughts on Sadie’s mature mindset regarding her life’s plan? Might feel like an attack, but how do you use your social media? Do not worry, your secrets are safe here. 

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