Omar Hardwick Talks About Netflix Show ‘Pieces of Her’, His Co-Star Toni Collette, and Family in an Interview

Omar Hardwick Talks About Netflix Show ‘Pieces of Her’, His Co-Star Toni Collette, and Family in an Interview

All of us have a past. We all try our best not to carry the emotional baggage of our past to our new relationships. But sometimes, the baggage doesn’t want to leave you and comes back to haunt you and your family. That is precisely what is happening to Laura Oliver in the new Netflix psychological drama Pieces of Her. In a recent interview, acclaimed actor Omari Hardwick talked about the new Netflix series and his experience on the set.

Omari Hardwick on Netflixs Pieces of Her

In the new Netflix Original, Omari Hardwick plays Gordon Oliver, a lawyer and the husband of Laura Oliver, played by Toni Collette. Things are going perfectly for the couple and their shared child, Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) until a series of violent acts related to Laura’s past starts to haunt them and a huge secret is revealed.

In an exclusive interview on GMA, Omari is seen talking about the show and how thrilling it is. He guarantees the audience to be at the edge of their seats throughout the series. Further in the interview, when asked about her co-star Toni Collette, Omar praises her as an “engaged” actor and a person who shares everything onscreen. He even says that she is the “ideal onscreen partner” one can ask for.

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Omari also credits his Pieces of Her co-star Collette to joking around while shooting. Thus lighting the mood of an otherwise intense set.

Omari on taking his family to the shooting

As Pieces of Her is shot for its entirety in Australia. Omari did not want to stay away from his family for that long. He recalled an important piece of advice given to him by Don Cheadle: “never stay separated from your tribe for longer than three weeks.” As a result, Omari took his wife and kids along to Australia. And he says they had a blast. They went to the Taronga Zoo and had a great time with the castmates.

The show is currently streaming on Netflix. Give it a try, and let us know what you liked most about the show was.

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