What If All You Knew About Your Life Was A Lie? Netflix’s ‘Pieces of Her’ Trailer Promises An Edging New Thriller

What If All You Knew About Your Life Was A Lie? Netflix’s ‘Pieces of Her’ Trailer Promises An Edging New Thriller

The trailer for the much-anticipated show, Pieces of Her, just dropped on February 15. The show starring Toni Collette and Bella Heathcote is a thriller based on Karin Salughters’ best-selling novel. The new Netflix original promises a gripping thriller as Andy sets out on a journey to uncover the truth behind her mother’s identity. 

“You ever have that thing where you think you know someone as well as you could possibly know anyone and then one day… you’re totally wrong?”, Andy asks at the beginning of the trailer. 

We see a healthy mother and daughter relationship until a shooting at a diner takes place and Laura is suddenly not a helpless mother anymore. She tackles the man with a gun and the event triggers Andy’s suspicion. As Andy discovers more and more about her mother’s dark past, their relationship takes a drastic turn. Andy finds her mother is a whole different person as she asks her, “Who are you?”

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Pieces of Her is in good hands

Minkie Spiro, the woman behind the camera for Downtown Abbey, Jessica Jones, Better Call Saul, Dead to Me, Skins, and Barry will also be directing Pieces of Her. The showrunner for the show is Charlotte Stoudt. Stoudt’s resumes boast of acclaimed projects like Homeland and House of Cards

Apart from Toni Collette and Bella Heathcote who play Laura and Andy respectively, the cast also includes Jessica Barden, Nicholas Burton, Jacob Scipio, Terry O’Quinn, Aaron Jeffrey, Joe Demise, Omari Hardwick, David Wenham, and Gil Birmingham. 

Fan reactions on Twitter

Maurice Coveney is excited about the book’s adaption to the screen. 

We really don’t know our parents apart from their identity as our guardians.

Cemal Sana Deli has yet another book to read thanks to the trailer!

Alex B is right about Toni Collete giving John Wick vibes. 

The trailer promises action, thrill, suspense, and strong female leads. We love a story about butt-kicking women but wouldn’t you find it unnerving if you found out your mother was an assassin or a secret agent? We definitely would! 

Find out what Toni Collete is hiding on March 4

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