“Okay, I’m just Britney”: Rebel Wilson on How She Channeled Britney Spears to Perform on Crazy in Senior Year on Netflix

“Okay, I’m just Britney”: Rebel Wilson on How She Channeled Britney Spears to Perform on Crazy in Senior Year on Netflix

We all had a phase where we were absolutely crazy over a celebrity, didn’t we? Maybe you thought that you be as cool as Eminem, or as funny as Steve Carell, or as beautiful as Selena Gomez, or maybe something else. The gist is that we all have this one celebrity who means the world to us, and we try to be like them. And for many people who belong to a generation above us, it has to be the famous pop star, Britney Spears. And that is also the case with Rebel Wilson, the star and producer of Netflix’s upcoming movie Senior Year.

In the movie, Wilson plays the role of a cheerleader who has woken up from a coma after 20 years and now desires to re-live her life as a high schooler and be the prom queen. And while trying to do that, she catches up with the cheerleaders in 2022. A few kids who do not dance, be hot, and just stay at home while everyone else parties. Hence, Stephanie Conway, Wilson’s character, teaches the kids to dance to Britney Spears‘ song Crazy. And being a big fan of the singer, Rebel Wilson herself channels her inner Britney in the performance. But how did she do that? Let’s see what she had to say about it.

Rebel Wilson on becoming Britney Spears while dancing to Crazy in ‘Senior Year’

Rebel is herself a huge Britney fan. In the video, she reveals she has watched all her film clips and listens to her music. This is why she “tried to channel her energy or something”. And while they took a couple of shots from different angles, the director of the movie even told her that she looks like Britney Spears in some of them.

I was just like, okay, I’m just Britney,” Wilson exclaimed in the video. She tried to think about how Britney would do certain things and then try to do it in that way. She did break out of the role sometimes, to joke around and have fun with her casemates, but then in a while, she was back to work!

We are really excited to see Rebel Wilson in this upcoming comedy/drama on Netflix. Are you?

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