Now Twitter Owner, Elon Musk Was Once Left Shocked After Will Smith’s Son Jaden Smith Came to Him for Business Advice

Now Twitter Owner, Elon Musk Was Once Left Shocked After Will Smith’s Son Jaden Smith Came to Him for Business Advice

There have been a few individuals in the history of humankind that have been able to come close to the success that Elon Musk has. The billionaire who recently bought twitter certainly has an aptitude for business that many people want to learn from. His business acumen even got Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith interested in him.

Will Smith himself is an incredible actor who has over the years indulged in multiple successful business ventures. However, when it came to business advice Jaden decided to go to Elon instead of his father. But what advice did Jaden want?

Jaden Smith wanted to learn from Elon Musk before starting a business

Celebrities getting into business is not something new just take a look at Ryan Reynolds. However, Jaden Smith has to be one of the youngest actors to have a successful brand of his own. In 2015 Jaden started his water company JUST Water, and since then the brand has boomed to become one of the successful bottled water brands in the market.

But before Jaden entered the arena he went to Elon for advice that shocked the latter. In an interview from 2019, Musk revealed how he was absolutely shocked when he heard Jaden’s business idea. “And then Jaden and Will said – I said, ‘Okay. Well, what is it?’ And they literally said, just water. I’m like, are you serious?” said Elon.

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Smith and Drew Fitzgerald developed the business Just Goods, which sells water bottles primarily made of paper and biodegradable plastic. According to the company, compared to a standard plastic water bottle, its materials and production methods produce 74% fewer emissions that are hazardous to the environment.

Since the time of the interview both Elon and Jaden have flourished in their respective businesses. As of March 2022, Jaden’s company has a Net worth of an astounding 100 million. And as the world knows Elon has been the world richest man for over a year now.

Tell us your views about this unexpected meeting. Do you think Jaden had taken Elon’s advice? Feel free to share your views with us in the comments below.

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