“Nothing about this song would exist without…” – Billie Eilish Opens Up About What Inspired When I Was Older

“Nothing about this song would exist without…” – Billie Eilish Opens Up About What Inspired When I Was Older

The music industry is one of the most competitive and difficult industries to break into. Various artists have tried their luck and failed, but not Billie Eilish. Although some artists struggle for years to carve a niche out for themselves, she has made a mark at a very young age. While many upcoming artists look up to Eilish, the singer also draws inspiration for her songs from different sources.

Billie Eilish is amongst the most popular singers in today’s time. From popping off on SoundCloud back in 2016 to winning seven Grammy Awards, the Bad Guy singer has come a long way. The Lovely hitmaker has given a massive number of hits over the years. And do you know one of her hit songs When I Was Older drew inspiration from a very popular film?

What inspired Billie Eilish to make When I Was Older?

Many of you might not be aware but Billie Eilish’s song When I Was Older was a part of Alfonso Cuarón’s film Roma‘s official soundtrack. Roma, which revolves around the life of maid in Mexico City, consists of some of the finest soundtracks including Eilish’s When I Was Older. And not long ago the Bad Guy singer gave film its due credit for inspiring the song. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the singer opened up about how the movie heavily influenced the soundtrack. Eilish revealed in a 2019 statement per Rolling Stone, “Nothing about this song would exist without the film, which is exactly what we love about it.”

Alongside Eilish was her long time collaborator and her brother Finneas O’Connell. During the interview, the TV singer admitted that they wrote the song keeping in mind the narrative and scenes from the movie, majorly the ones that had the most impact on them. Furthermore, the duo even used various sound effects from the film in their song to help vivify their track.

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It might surprise you to know but the chorus of the song is basically a scene from the movie where two children get caught up by the currents while they are swimming in the sea. When I Was Older featured on Eilish’s debut album in 2019.

Meanwhile, Roma was a big critical and commercial success for the streamer. The semi-autobiographical film won Academy Awards for Best Director and Best International Feature Film.

Have you watched the movie? Feel free to share your thoughts about the film in the comments below.

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