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“Not just the upside down, but personal issues as well”: Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) on What More Stranger Things Season 4 Addresses

Now that we are inching the last little towards the release of Stranger Things, fans are excited about getting any and all information about the plot and how their favorite characters are going to react to things. Being the “Game of Thrones” season of the Netflix Original, fans know that they will see a lot of the characters go through something personal. Caleb McLaughlin, who plays the role of Lucas Sinclair, has talked about the young boy and his struggles and how season 4 will not only focus on the lore of the town of Hawkins, but will also show personal issues.

Caleb McLaughlin on what Stranger Things season 4 will focus on

After the way the last season of the Netflix series ended, fans know that the group will operate from three different locations across the globe. This is a massive change from what they were used to. McLaughlin began by addressing this. He said, “there’s, like, four different locations this season, so there’s definitely a lot of separation.” Hence, the scenes towards the end of the season that brought the entire group together might not happen entirely. This makes things look much grimmer as the kids are entirely on their own.

As for what issues they will face, we know from the trailer that the kids will all have to deal with growing up. Eleven will go to school, no longer protected by Mike. Will will leave the comfort of his quaint little town and friends who loved him. Mike, Dustin, and Lucas will battle their own issues as Max deals with the death of Bily. Caleb McLaughlin commented on how the issues the characters will face will not only be varied. He commented on the “different obstacles that we’re facing from our characters, even within ourselves, not just the Upside Down but personal issues as well.”

The upcoming season of the Netflix series will apparently answer a lot of “personal” questions about the cast, not just the lore.

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Stranger Things season 4 will premiere on the screens of Netflix on May 27, 2022. Stream previous seasons and prepare yourself now!

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