Duffer Brothers Call Stranger Things Season 4 Their “Game of Thrones Season”, Here’s Why

Duffer Brothers Call Stranger Things Season 4 Their “Game of Thrones Season”, Here’s Why

With the release of Stranger Things season 4 right around the corner, fans know for a fact that it is going to be Netflix’s biggest release so far. Not only is the series wildly popular, but this particular season is going to be even more grand than usual. In fact, the Duffer brothers even called it their “Game of Thrones season”. Considering the grandeur and complex plotlines of Game of Thrones, it certainly is an intriguing name that is difficult to live up to indeed.

But, what made them say this? Here’s all you need to know.

How did season 3 end?

While Stranger Things has been an intense show right from the beginning. Yet, the ending of season 3 and the stage set for season 4 stays unmatched. The Mind Flayer went all out. He killed hundreds and took over their bodies, eventually creating more bodies of himself. This expansion was to help him defeat Eleven.

While he had almost succeeded, his plan was once again put to a stop, As Billy was giving himself up to save Eleven, Max, and the others, Joyce and Hopper closed the new gate. Once again, his connection to the world of Hawkins was severed.

While Joyce managed to escape, the Russians, who, by the looks of the last scene, are not holding back with their methods of torture, took Hopper in. The Byers family, along with Eleven move out of Hawkins. The once united group is now divided into three as the rest of the party is trying to live their lives normally in the town of Hawkins.

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How is Game of Thrones related to Stranger Things season 4?

Those who have seen Game of Thrones know all too well just how intricate the show is. There is a power play in 7 large kingdoms that are closely intertwined. We see three major families fight each other and other foes alike.

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The same goes for season 4 of Stranger Things. Unlike the previous seasons of the Netflix Original where Hopper, the Byers, Eleven, and the rest of the party are together as they fight the Demogorgons or the Mind Flayer, they are now in different parts of the world. Hopper is in Russia, probably being brutally tortured. Eleven and the Byers family are in California. As for Dustin, Luke, the Wheelers, and Max, they continue to reside in good old Hawkins. Despite them being situated so far apart, fans know that even the smallest actions done by each of them will closely come together in the end.

Another aspect of Stranger Things season 4 that makes it very similar to Game of Thrones is that the season will focus on the “mythology” of the show. While the first season involved episodes 35-40 minutes in length, this season will feature episodes twice that length. The creators have also mentioned an additional episode, making the show more than double the length of any other season. All of this was done to properly embody the “epic quality” this season of the Netflix series boasts.

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Make sure your calendar is clear on May 27, 2022, to stream Stranger Things season 4 on its release day.

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