“No one asked me” – Hilary Swank on Why She Isn’t a Part of the Karate Kid Sequel

“No one asked me” – Hilary Swank on Why She Isn’t a Part of the Karate Kid Sequel

If you have been living under a rock, then Netflix released a sequel to the iconic The Next Karate Kid. When the news came out that the iconic Karate Kid franchise was getting a prequel, fans were pumped up to see their favorite characters. As we watched Kumiko, Chozen, Ali, and of course, Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence, everyone had one question. Where is Julie Pierce AKA Hilary Swank? The prequel is no doubt brilliant and is the best thing to happen to Karate Kid fans. However, the absence of one of the pivotal characters from The Next Karate Kid (1994) left a deep void.

Why is Hilary Swank not a part of Cobra Kai?

The Next Karate Kid movie that marked Hilary Swank’s entry into the franchise did not fare well with the critics. The fourth installment of the franchise consisted of Julie Pierce becoming Mr. Miyagi’s best new pupil, replacing Daniel LaRusso. Although the movie isn’t the best in the franchise, Hilary Swank’s character takes home the cake for being the most wanted for a reprise in Cobra Kai.

Seeing one iconic character after another from The Karate Kid franchise make an appearance, fans can’t help but be hopeful for a Hilary Swank return. They are flooding her mentions, questioning and requesting her to be a part of Cobra Kai. However, Hilary had a shocking revelation to make on Live with Kelly and Ryan. “I’m not in Cobra Kai, no one’s asked me to be in Cobra Kai,” said Hilary Swank. The actress was not even asked whether she would like to be a part of the series.

Fans are truly disappointed that the creators did not write a part for Hilary Swank to be in the series. The actress further pointed out the irony of no one having called her about the one thing that people ask her the most.

Bringing in Hillary would only mean more popularity for the series. Swank gained international fame after her breathtaking performance in Boys Don’t Cry. Meanwhile, whether Cobra Kai will be returning for the sixth season is still in question, so it is hard to predict a Julie Pierce comeback. Check out Cobra Kai on Netflix.

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