No More Nice Guy? Emily Ratajkowski Slams Pete Davidson After Their Brief Fling, Calls Him Emasculated

No More Nice Guy? Emily Ratajkowski Slams Pete Davidson After Their Brief Fling, Calls Him Emasculated

They say that there is nothing worse than the wrath of a woman. And Pete Davidson is currently facing the heat of it.  The SNL star who is currently pursuing a career in movies has gotten in the bad books of his ex-girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski. 

The comedian made a name on the SNL show for his great comedic timing. Although a sense of humor is a highly attractive quality in a man and Pete certainly has plenty of it. But men have often wondered about his secret mantra to win over one of the most beautiful women in the tinsel town. 

While guys idolize him, to Emily he is clearly no more the SNL “good boy”.

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Emily Rajatkowski is now hoping to date women after her fling with the comedian

Following a 9 month relationship with Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson made headlines again when he announced his relationship with Emily Ratajkowski. The romance between the two began and ended just as quickly. And it seems the relationship has caused some emotional damage to the actress. 

During her High Low podcast with her guest Olivia Ponton, she reflected on her relationship with the comedian-turned-actor. She outright slammed him, calling him emasculated and unable to handle powerful women. 

“They slowly get emasculated, and they don’t know what to do with those feelings, and they resent you, and then they start to tear you down,” she said. According to her heteronormative relationships often tend to have unequal power balance. The 31-year-old called herself bisexual during the podcast. Sick of dating men now she is looking forward to dating women who are emotionally available in the relationship.

The actress was also linked with Brad Pitt in the past. But that romance didn’t last long either.  Currently, she is not dating anyone. The only man that has not emotionally scarred her yet is her son Sylvester. She shares the 1-year-old with her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard.

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Do you think Pete can still hold on to his good-guy image after this podcast?

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