“No Fedoras or Trilbys. All I see is Peak hats”: Fan Pen Downs an Emotional Poem Saluting the Peaky Blinders

“No Fedoras or Trilbys. All I see is Peak hats”: Fan Pen Downs an Emotional Poem Saluting the Peaky Blinders

Humans have always relied on words to express their grief. And to quote Vision, “What is grief, if not love persevering?” Fans of Peaky Blinders are still fresh after the hit crime series came to an end on Sunday with its sixth and final episode of season 6. Fans started sending in love as soon as the show aired the sixth episode. But now, BBC has dedicated a fan-written poem on the Peaky Blinders to the loyal viewership of the show.

Peaky Blinders poem by Casey Bailey

What better way to show the immense love you have for a show than to dedicate a whole poem to them? After the tweets by fans started pouring in yesterday thanking the show creators. A fan now has shown his love for the show in the way he knows best by writing a poem.

The poem is full of montages showing what a sensation the show was. It includes candid pictures from the fans of the show, some having tattoos of Tommy’s quotes while some who did a full Peaky-style wedding. More than a goodbye the poem is the celebration of the show. The ways it touched all our lives.

The whole ode is straight from the heart and whoever has been watching the show for all these years knows that Peaky Blinders is going to leave an empty void in all of us.

Even though we will be getting a movie that shall conclude the saga of the Blinders, the TV series in itself was one of a kind.

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Who is Casey Bailey?

Casey Bailey, the author of the aforementioned poem, is Birmingham’s Poet Laureate for 2020-2022. He was born and reared in Nechells, Birmingham, and is a writer, performer, and educator.

Burning Eye Books released Casey’s second full collection of poetry, Please Do Not Touch’(2021). Casey has performed around the country and abroad, including a stint with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and has taught, mediated, and led workshops across the country. Big White Shed published his first poetry pamphlet, Waiting at Bloomsbury Park (2017). Later, Verve Poems Press released his first full collection of poetry, Adjusted, in 2018.

It is truly remarkable how the show has touched people’s lives. Are you a fan of Peaky Blinders? Let us know in the comments.

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