New Ryan Replaces Ryan Reynolds for the Official Gin Sponsor of the NFL Because of His Beard?

New Ryan Replaces Ryan Reynolds for the Official Gin Sponsor of the NFL Because of His Beard?

As we all know, our humor box AKA Ryan Reynolds is a man of multiple talents, from an incredible actor to a producer. He has also been playing the role of a businessman and advertising tycoon, for many years. The 45-year-old actor bought a football club in partnership with Rob McElhenney and made a series on it.

Ryan also has a liking for becoming the face of his own companies including his alcohol brand Aviation Gin. We have seen him unveiling the first ever distillery of Gin opened in Portland, Oregon. However, recently, a new Ryan replaced the Deadpool actor for the official gin sponsor of the NFL. Does this new Ryan have a long beard? Has the American star taken a new look?

A new face has replaced Ryan Reynolds for Aviation Gin Commercial 

In a recent post shared by the official page of Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, he dropped a commercial for his Gin. The twist comes here is that it was not our Ryan but former NFL quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who was cast in the video. The Canadian-born captioned the video saying: “So happy to have this motherfu**er as our spokesman.”

The new Ryan teased the Wrexham owner for being replaced in the commercial. He addressed viewers that many might be wondering where is the real Ryan Reynolds and remarked the actor is busy with other things.

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“Is his beard just not up to the task? Probably,” said Fitzpatrick, as he poked at the Red Notice star. The commercial has the same fun vibe as the actor cannot be sidetracked so easily. Surprisingly, he had a voiceover and called out the NFL players in the end of the video.

“Aw, c’mon! You’re sticking with that guy?” stated the actor in his super humorous style as always. Well, this was another amazing and clever ways of advertising by the actor. It is reminiscent to his opening video of distillery where he made the visitors take the load.

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What do you think of Ryan Reynolds‘ newest Aviation Gin commercial? Leave your comments below and stay tuned with us for more such news about your favorite stars.

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