New Royal Book Claims Queen Wanted Meghan Markle to Mend Her Relationship With Father Thomas

New Royal Book Claims Queen Wanted Meghan Markle to Mend Her Relationship With Father Thomas

Meghan Markle does not share a cordial relationship with her father, Thomas Markle. The father-daughter duo seemed to have resolved their issues following Meghan’s engagement with Prince Harry, as Thomas looked enthusiastic about walking his daughter down the aisle. However, things went downhill just before the wedding as the former television lighting director did not attend the ceremony in May 2018 in the United Kingdom.

In the month of the wedding, there were various yes and nos from Meghan’s father regarding his arrival at St. George’s Chapel. The royal family finally released an official statement two days before the wedding to confirm Thomas’ absence. King Charles III was the one who walked the former actress down the aisle. The late Queen was compassionate towards the whole situation as she urged Meghan Markle to reconcile with her father. 

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What was Queen’s opinion about Meghan Markle and her father?

In her book, The New Royals, Katie Nicholl revealed that Queen Elizabeth II was concerned about the relationship between Meghan Markle and her father. She wanted the father and daughter to reunite by leaving all the grudges behind. The late monarch told the Duchess of Sussex to sort things out. She also felt that Prince Harry should have met Thomas before the wedding. Notably, the Duke never had a personal meeting with Meghan’s father before the royal wedding. 

“She thought the whole thing could have been better handled. From a practical point, the Queen did what she could for the family’s newest member and given Meghan’s boots-on-ground approach made sure the new duchess had the support she needed,” the royal expert mentioned in her book as quoted by ET

Thomas gave his heart surgery as an excuse for missing his daughter’s special day. However, rumors suggested that his act of staging photographs with the British tabloids a week before the wedding did not go well with Meghan Markle. In one picture that was released before the royal ceremony, Thomas was trying on his suit while the other photograph pictured him reading a book on Britain. 

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