New James Bond Comic Has an Uncanny Resemblance of Henry Cavill With the 007

New James Bond Comic Has an Uncanny Resemblance of Henry Cavill With the 007

Whenever you think of spy thrillers the first name that pops up in your head is none other than James Bond. Several popular actors over the years have put on the suit and embodied the character from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig was the last one to step down from the role after delivering No Time to Die in 2021. Ever since then, several names have come up that can play the role, including Henry Cavill.

Cavill was one of the topmost names recommended for the role. Yet, the makers have not confirmed anything yet. However, Cavill fans aren’t ready to lose hope yet.

A comic book cover further emphasizes that Henry Cavill is the perfect Bond

A recent cover for the James Bond comic book is making the rounds on the internet. The cover shows a guy with a gun pointed at a target with a serious expression on his face while he is flanked by a short-haired agent. But it’s not the illustration that has caught fans’ attention. It is Bond’s picture that looks uncannily similar to Henry Cavill. 

The hairstyle matches The Tudors star’s hairstyle. The one-cocked-eye look and the facial features are too similar to the Superman actor. Not to mention that Cavill has numerous times rocked suits. This somehow is more convincing that the Brit is indeed perfect to take the mantle from Craig. 

Cavill had indeed expressed his desire to play the famous spy. But luck was never on his side. He auditioned for the role years back but was out of the race because he was deemed too young. And of course, Craig won the role. Currently, the makers want someone younger like Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

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He is set to play another bond-like character in Guy Ritchie’s next 

Even though he could probably not get the coveted role, he is set to play a James Bond-like character in The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. Guy Ritchie is writing and directing the film that will revolve around World War 2, Winston Churchill, and Ian Fleming. The duo is credited with the creation of the first-ever Black ops team. And Cavill will play the leader of the unit. Interestingly, Ian Fleming also created 007.

Do you think the makers will change their minds after one look at the cover? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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