Netizens Slam Netflix After the Company Called Their Anti Password Sharing Measures “An Error”

Netizens Slam Netflix After the Company Called Their Anti Password Sharing Measures “An Error”

Netflix has been planning for a long time to enact strict anti-password sharing rules. The streaming giant faced many discrepancies, with subscribers sharing their accounts with people. Following this, the company scrolled out new measures for password sharing, which included that people living in the same house only can share passwords. They also made it mandatory for users to access the Wi-Fi of their primary location every month for verification.

However, the internet users didn’t support it and the streamer faced backlash over stringent anti-password sharing guidelines. The decision received criticism when people asked what happens if family members do not live together or are traveling. And now netizens are once again slamming the company for stepping down from their decision and calling it a posting error.

Twitter is convinced Netflix covering its tracks after massive pushback from customers 

A Netflix spokesperson recently announced the cancellation of anti-password sharing rules in the US. According to Streamable, the streaming service has claimed it was an error that accidentally went live.

“For a brief time yesterday, a help center article containing information that is only applicable to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, went live in other countries,” revealed the report.

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However, customers on the internet aren’t convinced by this crackdown on password-sharing. They are mocking the American production company for changing their plan after receiving flak.

One user posted: “After getting dragged Netflix said password sharing is still on and their policies about it were posted in error. Yeah they fcked around & FOUND OUT.” 

“All of you Broke fakers say “I’m going to cancel my subscription” LOL most of you slackers are stealing it anyway so you’re not canceling anything 😂,” stated second user.

Third user responded: “actual footage of the netflix intern looking at the backlash they were receiving after they posted the anti-password sharing measures as an ‘error’.

“heads up about the netflix sign-in-with-your-router thing being a “mistake”: it was only a “mistake” in the US they were totally gonna do it because they did it elsewhere,” added another.

Do you agree with the netizens? Has Netflix flipped back from their decision due to criticism? Let us know your views in the comment box and stay tuned for updates.

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