Netflix’s Decision for ‘Stranger Things’ Spinoffs Conflicts With Shawn Levy and It Might Be Unnecessary

Netflix’s Decision for ‘Stranger Things’ Spinoffs Conflicts With Shawn Levy and It Might Be Unnecessary

There have been very few shows in recent years that can match the stardom and success Netflix’s Stranger Things has bagged for itself. A show that beautifully amalgamates the coming-of-age drama with small-town science-fiction horror and mystery. It has truly been what can be called a sensation. This is why there are two schools of thought that open at the end of it. Should Stranger Things should get a spinoff? While there are two pretty straightforward answers to that questions, things are not that straight and simple in real.

As things stand, it looks like Netflix and Shawn Levy will find each other pitted against each other as both have different thoughts for the show’s future. While the streaming giant wants to continue the story with spinoffs, the creators and director and executive producer, Shawn Levy desire to end things at season 4. And to be honest, it would be best if the story ends right after Stranger Things season 4. Here is why we think so.

The Stranger Things spinoff conflict and the unnecessary call for creating one

To start off, it is absolutely understandable that Netflix wants to ride the success wave of Stranger Things to bag more views from its fans. At a time when the company is battling so many losses, it would be great to invest in something that will bear fruits for sure. However, The Adam Project director, Shawn Levy, who is also the director and executive producer for the Netflix Original, doesn’t think so.

While talking to Screen Rant, Levy mentioned how he didn’t wish to stretch the vision of the creators. He also talked about how the Duffer Brothers planned the entirety of the show and how it was going to end right at the beginning. Thus, it makes no sense to actually go ahead and ruin their vision.

Additionally, there is no actual need to have spinoffs for Stranger Things. The story is inherently about a group of teenagers, while occasionally peeping into the lives of adults. Hence, to have those teenagers put together while they are adults in a town in Indiana sounds a little too boring and bland. Also, to see a spinoff about how the Hawkins Lab was established will not be as intriguing as it was to see a group of teenagers uncover it piece by piece.

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What do you think about a possible Stranger Things Spinoff? Would you like to see it? If yes, what would you want that spinoff to be about? Tell us in the comments below.

The first part of the fourth and final season of Stranger Things will be available on Netflix later this month.

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