Netflix Silently Creeps Up It’s Halloween Tabloids Right Before The Spooky Season

Netflix Silently Creeps Up It’s Halloween Tabloids Right Before The Spooky Season

As the souls of the dead prepare to arrive at your doorsteps this Halloween, Netflix too has started its preparation to cast them off with the spookiest dramas the platform could offer. Although the streaming giant already has a plethora of good titles to offer under its collection of horror dramas, it has added a few more with the arrival of the month of October.

Here is a list of all such eerie movies that can evoke spine-tingling frights to make your All Saint’s Day totally insane:

Friday the 13th

A dead son comes back to life in this 2009 adaptation of the original 1980 movie. Not only is he yearning for his dead mother but has now become a serial killer and wouldn’t mind killing a bunch of bachelors whose only intention was to have nice camping. Will they be able to escape from him? Go stream the movie right away to know what unfolds.

And beware, Jason Voorhees might be lurking outside your house, thirsty for your blood as you prepare to watch the movie. Keeping pepper spray handy won’t be a wrong decision.

Paranormal Activity 2 & 3

A family installs security cameras around their home after what they perceive to be a series of “break-ins,” only to discover that the events taking place in front of them are more sinister than they first thought. While the second installment is about finding out some supernatural being possesses the house. The third installment brings the horrors home when two sisters befriend an invisible entity.

Notably, the movies reiterate tried-and-true scare tactics and exploit the eeriness latent in the threat to suburban domesticity. If you want to experience sinister things first-hand, go stream the movie right away.

Monster House

Imagine the terror if you discovered that the house across the street is alive. Not only is it alive but also eats up anything and everything that sets foot within its boundaries! That is exactly the synopsis of this 2006 drama. If you are looking for a great spooky movie to enjoy your Halloween eve with your family in the comfort of your house, this American animated drama is something we would recommend.

As you stream Monster House on Netflix this Halloween, you might want your children to stay away from the neighboring houses, especially if they are empty.

Halloween 2

In the wake of the blood-soaked encounter with the Boogeyman on Halloween (1978), Michael Myers, the embodiment of evil, finds himself filled with lead, courtesy of six bullets from Dr. Sam Loomis’s gun. With Laurie Strode rushed to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, Myers, hell-bent on finishing what he has started, tracks down his prey, and those who stand in his way to meet their end.

In the meantime, as the implacable killer stalks the hospital halls, lurking in the shadows of the ill-lit hospital corridors, Loomis and Sheriff Leigh Brackett are sniffing for clues, only to unearth a shocking dark secret. But who can stop the Shape, the relentless messenger of death? Stream the movie on Netflix to find out.

Goosebumps/ Goosebumps 2

The entire world is aware of the adventures and miss adventures of Zach and Hannah as they find out about Hannah’s father, Mr. R.L. Stein has a strange connection with monsters he gives birth to through his writing. The town gets in trouble when Zach unleashes the monster from one of the manuscripts of the author.

Will the two teenagers be able to save the world? Even if you know the answer, streaming Goosebumps yet again will never go wrong!

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As you binge-watch all the horror movies that are back on Netflix to make your Halloween even more special, do let us know in the comments below which one scared you the most.

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